About Art Merch Select

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Our mission

The mission of Art Merch Select is to help artists from all over the world gain the attention they deserve and help them make a living from their art – by promoting their works and by helping them sell their art.

There are so many talented people who struggle to try to be financially free and just create. We want to change that. And we will.

With the evolution of the Internet, print-on-demand services, and social media, theoretically, it became easier for artists to monetize art and simply get noticed. Nothing more wrong. Nowadays, countless life coaches and YouTubers say it’s nice and easy to make some extra side-money by creating enormous amounts of generic designs based on trends and keywords and uploading them to print-on-demand platforms. Moreover, everybody can do that and many people do. It’s ok, but it became a math game – it has nothing to do with art. The more keyword-ready, tag-optimized, template-based designs you upload, the more you sell. Sad.

The Internet has become a life-saver and a challenge for artists at the same time.

Making a living from selling art became a marketing challenge every artist has to face. You’ll starve if you don’t know how to sell. You’ll starve if you don’t know how to build a huge followers base on Instagram. You’ll starve if you don’t know how to create a marketing strategy for your art. You can be the most talented person in the world but no one will notice you unless you know how to build your fame. Artists have to be merchants and marketing experts then, but does it have to be like that? We believe it doesn’t.

Interesting art is hidden under many layers of generic images. That’s why we created this site. To help discover art. And that’s the second foundation of Art Merch Select – to help art lovers, art admirers, art collectors find interesting products without digging.

All artworks presented on this site on various products are hand-picked by our staff. It means that this website is subjective – we present works that we classified as art. What is art for us then?

What is art (for us) and how we choose artworks?

We agree with Wikipedia’s definition of art which, in general, says: “Art is something that stimulates an individual’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or ideas through the senses“.

Following this definition, we will present works that stimulate our thoughts, emotions, beliefs or ideas.

This site is and will be free to use.

You decide whether to support the chosen artist (and us).

We believe that art should be generally available to public. By creating this site, we share the art we found on the Internet with you for free but we present it only on merch you can buy with links to let you buy. We believe that’s the best way to help the artists make the living from their art.

We don’t charge artists for promoting them and we won’t do that but we will use affiliate links to help maintain this site. What does that mean? When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small commission. Art Merch Select does not accept money for editorial art reviews. For more information, check our disclaimer.